How can we help students mark a movement from one place into another?

I have been using labyrinths for decades now. I have never seen one like this. It still involves twists and turns. It still leads the walker to the centre. But it has a different entry and exit and lands you ‘across on the other side’. This labyrinth is perfect for transitions.

The most obvious would be marking the end of Year 6 and ‘crossing over’ to secondary. There would be other suitable occasions too, such as Admission to Communion or baptism/confirmation.

Another suggestion is Ash Wednesday, where the ashing takes place in the centre of the labyrinth.

Prayer walking in:

“Lord have mercy” (repeat)


In the centre:

presentation of wrists (like surrendering to hand cuffs)

            signing of the cross on wrists

            “from dust we come and to dust we shall return”


Prayer walking out:

“Breathe in me O Breath of Life”

This labyrinth was used at the recent RE professional development day hosted by the ASC: Digging for Wisdom, February 12 at St Francis’ College Milton. The day was led by Vanessa Gamack and this labyrinth was laid out by Randal + Susan Dennings.